Lydia Loveless - Hurts so bad

Was backpacking in Europe for the past few weeks. So haven’t blogged about music for quite sometime. 

Fuck the song, lets just Shazam him!

Shazam just became the most creepiest service with their launch on Mac AppStore. The Mac app runs in the background and Shazam’ing away all the sound that the laptop’s mic can pick up. All of this data is then sent to their servers. This is basically like putting a wire on your laptop. It can now know which youtube ads you don’t skip, which TV shows you watch on TV / Computer, which ads you like watching on the TV and which ones you skip, when do you use the computer etc. Not to forget it now also knows what you and people around you are saying through out the day / night.  And various government agencies do have a backdoor entry to all this data. You have been Shazam’ed. 

Nonono - Jungle

More than the song, it her voice.. to be specific - her style and them beats.

"The things you say, just aren’t funny, I laugh just to be mean!”

Stumbled on it on Songza’s blog!

Alt-country rocker Lydia Loveless was buzzed about at the beginning of this year, but her SXSW appearance stirred up more excitement. She’s only 23, yet she curses and drinks like a rock n’ roll veteran, and sings like one, too.