Poor Rich Boy - Ambrosia 

Was searching for tracks by the Pakistani indie band - Poor Rich Boy, when I stumbled on this track titled Poor Rich Boy from 3 decades ago.


I searched for “marathon” and this came up. Good luck to the runners of the Chicago Marathon today. (I never ran one-never saw the point)

Ran the Boston Half marathon today. So this is my song of the day. Running a half or a marathon, is such a learning experience. This run taught me this: 

Skill < Training and hard work < Desire to win

I am not a natural runner. I hate running and I struggle at it. The only training I did was running a 10K some 20 days ago. One run, thats it. So much for training and hard work. Looking at the elevation map made me really nervous as I don’t do hills very well. Anyway I knew my weakness and I was determined to give it my best shot. Plus, I had a game plan - putting one feet in front of the other and repeating it as quickly as possible.

Who would have thought, this half marathon would be a personal best! I wish I had trained, though.

BTW no one does hills better than Boston. #BostonHalf

It’s Over - Roy Orbison (Cover) by Miley Cyrus


IMO this is better than the original.

"Golden days before they end
Whisper secrets to the wind”